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Other factors have to be taken into consideration too, such as slippage and spread. The first prize of course is to have an edge and for your wins to greatly surpass your losses. The first point I want to make about your trading is this. Even if you have an edge you will at some time go through an aberrant run. Let’s say you have a method of trading with a 60% probability of success. Does this mean that for every 100 trades you will win 6 out of 10? Not necessarily! You see wins tend to be skewed.

If you do not get two consecutive lower lows after the S bar then it is not a valid S bar. You can see from the diagram below that although there are 13 bars but we did not get a confirmed swing down until bar M. Sure-Fire Forex Trading 52 Sure-Fire Forex Trading © Trend Indictor Change As you can see from the diagrams above, the swing points create peaks and valleys. In an uptrend there will be a succession of new higher peaks and higher valleys. In a downtrend there will be a succession of lower valleys and lower peaks.

The market has three main trends. You will begin to come across some technical expressions now but just bear with me and I will explain them to you later. Dow’s interpretation of a trend was that each rally high be higher than the previous rally high and each rally low be lower than the previous rally low. The three trends where - a primary trend, a secondary trend and minor trends. Now this is important because later on as we discuss this, it will play a major role in our analysis. Sure-Fire Forex Trading 30 Sure-Fire Forex Trading © The primary trend is the main force behind the trend and is like a river flowing in a particular direction.

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