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By Thomas Baignères, Pascal Junod, Yi Lu, Jean Monnerat, Serge Vaudenay

ISBN-10: 038728835X

ISBN-13: 9780387288352

This significant other workout and answer publication to A Classical advent to Cryptography: functions for Communications Security features a conscientiously revised model of training fabric. It was once utilized by the authors or given as examinations to undergraduate and graduate-level scholars of the Cryptography and protection Lecture at EPFL from 2000 to mid-2005.

A Classical creation to Cryptography workout booklet for A Classical creation to Cryptography: functions for Communications safeguard covers a majority of the topics that make up today's cryptology, resembling symmetric or public-key cryptography, cryptographic protocols, layout, cryptanalysis, and implementation of cryptosystems. workouts don't require a wide history in arithmetic, because the most vital notions are brought and mentioned in lots of of the exercises.

The authors count on the readers to be ok with easy evidence of discrete likelihood conception, discrete arithmetic, calculus, algebra, in addition to machine technological know-how. Following the version of A Classical creation to Cryptography: functions for Communications defense, routines concerning the extra complicated elements of the textbook are marked with a celebrity.

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31 Conventional Cryptography 5 Recompute Question 3 under the constraint that initially two clocking taps out of three are both one. 6 Check whether the assumption is true or false now for this variant of A5/1. 7 Compare the lower bounds obtained in questions 3 and 5, and briefly discuss the security strength of A511 and its variant. 8. We assume that the three initial values of the LFSRs are chosen independently and uniformly at random. 1 For i = 1,2,3, what is the probability that Ri is shifted at the first clock?

5, find a relation between A", k3, IV, and C1. Similarly, find a relation between A", IV, C1, and C2. Deduce a relation between k3, IV, C1, and C2. 3 Deduce an attack which recovers k3. Once k3 is found, how do you recover kl and k2? What is the complexity of the whole attack? 6). This time, we are going to mount a chosen-ciphertext attack. The ciphertext C we choose, is the concatenation of four n-bit blocks such that C = (A, A, B , B) (where A, B denote arbitrary blocks of n bits). The four blocks of the corresponding plaintext are denoted Pl to P4.

What can you say about the security of ExtDES now? D Exercise 8 Solution on page 40 Attack Against the OFB Mode Assume that someone sends encrypted messages by using DES in the OFB mode of operation with a secret (but fixed) IV value. 1 Show how to perform a known plaintext attack in order to decrypt transmitted messages. 2 Is it better with the CFB mode? 3 What about the CBC mode? D Solution on page 42 22 EXERCISE BOOK Exercise 9 *Linear Feedback Shift Registers We consider the ring Z2[X] of polynomials with coefficients in Z2 with the usual addition and multiplication.

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