A Companion to Ancient Philosophy by Mary Louise Gill, Pierre Pellegrin PDF

By Mary Louise Gill, Pierre Pellegrin

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A spouse to old Philosophy presents a complete and present evaluation of the background of historic Greek and Roman philosophy from its origins till past due antiquity.Comprises an intensive choice of unique essays, that includes contributions from either emerging stars and senior students of old philosophyIntegrates analytic and continental traditionsExplores the advance of assorted disciplines, similar to arithmetic, good judgment, grammar, physics, and medication, with regards to old philosophyIncludes an illuminating creation, bibliography, chronology, maps and an index

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Up to the end of the nineteenth century, modern philosophers rarely detected a significant historical discrepancy between ancient ways of thinking and their own, and, consequently, they considered Greek and Roman philosophers as their direct xxxii ACTA01 32 20/03/2006, 03:56PM introduction interlocutors. But with the development of a rigorously historical approach to the classical texts (known in German as Wissenschaft), particularly in the German historical school (which includes people like F.

The new style of cosmology was characterized and almost constituted by a new style of explanations. As Aristotle suggests, pre-theoretical explanations in the style of Homer and Hesiod are always essentially incomplete. At best they present an outline of a possible way of understanding the explanandum in outline, within a context of generally accepted assumptions; they do not and cannot show that it follows of necessity from the nature of things. By contrast, the new-style cosmology based its claim to attention precisely on its supposed ability to deliver an account of the 11 ACTC01 11 20/03/2006, 03:57PM edward hussey universe that not only agreed with experience but also followed of necessity from the stated principles.

Different historical periods have had different conceptions about the relationship between their own philosophical practice and that of their philosophical predecessors. Aristotle, for example, who was perhaps the first philosopher to take seriously the history of philosophy, famously represented his predecessors in the first book of the Metaphysics as taking important but stumbling steps toward his own theory of the four causes. This approach to the history of philosophy, which is sometimes called “Whig history” and which we will call the “teleological” approach, takes as the culmination or “end” of philosophy the current and/or preferred philosophical theory, and interprets earlier thinkers as contributing in one way or another to the development of that theory (see Hussey, the beginnings of science and philosophy in archaic greece, pp.

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