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By Fred Aftalion

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Goals to supply a world point of view on chemistry, integrating the tale of chemical technology with that of the chemical undefined, and emphasizing vital advancements of the 20 th century.

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He proceeded to demonstrate that air was a mixture of oxygen and another substance, which he called nitrogen. According to Lavoisier, the phlogiston theory could be totally discarded, since combustion and calcination were simply the combination of an active substance with oxygen. In a memoir to the Académie des Sciences dated 1783, he argued at length against the phlogiston theory and was supported by the French mathematician and astronomer Pierre Simon de Laplace, as well as by the chemists Claude Louis Berthollet, Louis Bernard Guyton de Morveau, and Antoine François Fourcroy.

Robert Koch, Paul Ehrlich, and Emil Adolph von Behring. Courtesy Société Française Hoechst. 54 14. Alfred Nobel. 56 15. Ernest Solvay. Courtesy Solvay. 59 16. Héroult aluminum furnaces, Froges, 1890. 67 17. George Eastman and Louis Lumiàre. 69 18. Léo Hendrik and Céline Baekeland with their children, Nina and George, Yonkers, New York, about 1900. Courtesy Leo Baekeland Collection, Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, photo no. 84-11359. 71 Page xiv 19.

84-11359. 71 Page xiv 19. Louis Marie Hilaire Bernigaud, Comte de Chardonnet. Courtesy Bettman Archives. 73 20. The Poirrier factory at Saint-Denis. 90 21. Georges Claude with his liquid air apparatus. Courtesy L'Air Liquide. 92 22. Dmitri Mendeleev. Courtesy Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Collection. 97 23. Vats for industrial synthesis of indigo, BASF Ludwigshafen factory. 105 24. Petrochemical unit, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Bayway, New Jersey, 1920. 130 25. Doctoral thesis of Otto Röhm, 1901. Courtesy Rohm and Haas.

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