Donald Russell, John Dillon, Sebastian Gertz's Aeneas of Gaza : Theophrastus with Zacharias of Mytilene, PDF

By Donald Russell, John Dillon, Sebastian Gertz

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50 years earlier than Philoponus, Christians from Gaza, trying to impact Alexandrian Christians, defended the Christian trust in resurrection and the finite period of the realm, and attacked rival Neoplatonist perspectives. Aeneas addresses an strange model of the nutrition chain argument opposed to resurrection, that bodies gets eaten by means of different creatures. Zacharias assaults the Platonist examples of synchronous construction, which have been the construction of sunshine, of shadow, and of a footprint within the sand. a fraction survives of a 3rd Gazan contribution through Procopius. Zacharias lampoons the Neoplatonist professor in Alexandria, Ammonius, and claims a number one function within the revolt which ended in the cleverest Neoplatonist, Damascius, fleeing to Athens. It was once simply Philoponus, even if, who was once capable of embarrass the Neoplatonists by means of arguing opposed to them on their lonesome terms.

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An Alexandrian Christian Response to Fifth-century Neoplatonic Influence’, in A. ), The Philosopher and Society in Late Antiquity, Swansea 2005, pp. 215-39. 4. For an argument that Aeneas’ rejection of the pagan belief in the pre-existence and reincarnation of the soul can be read as an oblique polemic against Origenism, see M. Champion, ‘Aeneas of Gaza on the Soul’, ASCS Proceedings 32 (2011): 1-11. This page intentionally left blank Translation Theophrastus. Dialogue of the Sophist1 Aeneas:2 That there is no pre-existence for men and that the soul is immortal3 1,1 The main points of the dialogue are as follows:4 That there is no pre-existence for man: a critical examination of the disputatious claims of the Greeks; That the human soul does not transmigrate into other men and into irrational animals; Also, concerning providence: why do those who are born suffer what they do?

So this muchvaunted procedure is a mere old wives’ tale,76 and utterly devoid of plausibility. 10 TH. You seem to me to speak well, and make a very respectable case for the opposition. But if we are to wholly remove the previous life of the soul, the result would seem to be disorder, if the evil flourish, while the good suffer misfortune. 15 EU. I will answer that, if you like. But tell me first, what do you mean by misfortune? Do you mean sickness, and poverty, and being put on the rack by the wicked, and being beaten and ultimately put to death?

100. The Syriac tradition is discussed in several of the chapters of J. Lössl and J. Watt (eds), Interpreting the Bible and Aristotle in Late Antiquity, with a useful overview by John Watt in ch. 15. That Sergius wrote his commentary on Aristotle’s Categories on the basis of lecture notes taken directly from Ammonius’ lectures is also argued by Daniel King in ch. 14, p. 230. Note on the Composition of the Present Volume Aeneas of Gaza’s Theophrastus was translated up to 35,9 Colonna by John Dillon, on the basis of a first draft by Sarah Klitenic and Joseph A.

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