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By M. R. F. Ashworth

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Am. Chem. Soc. 5 2 , 1267 (1930). SOLTYS, A . , Mikrochemie 20, 107 (1936). M A C I N N I T Y , P . M . a n d CLOKE, J . B . , Anal. Chem. 2 0 , 978 (1948). 74. C A I R N S , T . L . , G R A H A M , P . J . , B A R R I C K , P . L . a n d SCHREIBER, R . , / . Org. 17, 751 (1952). 75. H A R T U N G , G . K . a n d JEWELL, D . M . , Anal. Chim. Acta 27, 219 (1962). Chem. Chem. CHAPTER 3 R E A C T I O N S OF G R O U P S A C T I V A T E D BY T H E C Y A N O G R O U P Introduction Three groups are considered here: the olefinic — C = C — group in the so-called a,j8-unsaturated nitriles; the activated methylene or methine group in compounds possessing the structural unit — C H 2 — C N or = C H — C N ; and the amino or imino group directly linked to a cyano group, H N — C N or — N H — C N .

7. TERENT'EV, A . P . , OBTEMPERANSKAYA, S . I . , a n d B U Z L A N O V A , M . M . , Zavod. Chem. Lab. 24, 814 (1958). 8. CRITCHFIELD, F . E . a n d JOHNSON, J . B . , Anal. Chem. 28, 73 (1956). 9. TERENT'EV, A . P . a n d OBTEMPERANSKAYA, S . I . , Zh. Anal. Khim. 11, 638 (1956). 10. TERENT'EV, A . P . , OBTEMPERANSKAYA, S . I . , a n d B U Z L A N O V A , M . M . , Vestn. Mosk. , 11 Ser. Mat. , Khim. No. 1, 187 (1956); Chem. Abs. 5 1 , 11935 (1957). 11. K O S T I N , L . D . a n d V I D A N O V A , V .

35 36 (b) Reaction with Quinones Various initial reactions are possible between quinones and active R E A C T I O N S OF G R O U P S A C T I V A T E D B Y T H E CYANO GROUP 47 methylene groups. The latter may attack the quinone at a — C H = g r o u p ; they may attack at a carbon atom carrying a halogen or other group, ultimately with expulsion of this g r o u p ; or they may add across the conjugated system (or across both ene-one systems of benzoquinone). A n early example of analytical application of reaction(s) with quinones is the test of Ehrlich and Herter< > published in 1904.

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