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Discusses the ailment and its prevention in animals and the way to reply to anthrax bioweapons.

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Armies of the past infected the populations of enemy cities by exposing them to corpses of plague victims. corpses were used again in 1710, when Russian soldiers employed them against Swedish troops. Over the course of time other microorganisms have also been used as bioweapons. The British, for example, used smallpox against Native Americans in the 1760s. Over two centuries later, between 1978 and 1980, anthrax bioweapons were used to devastating effect in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) during that country’s civil war.

However, the family members were treated with medication and recovered before the disease could be confirmed. People have sought ways to control the ravages of anthrax since ancient times. The losses caused by this dreadful disease finally began to come under control in the late nineteenth century, with the development of effective anthrax vaccines and improved treatments for both animals and people. Chapter 3 Preventing and Treating Anthrax I N THE PAST, anthrax was one of the major killers of domestic animals worldwide.

Various means were used to distribute anthrax bacteria and other germs, including contaminating food and water supplies and dropping germ-laden feathers and cotton wadding from aircraft. Japan also used Bacillus anthracis bombs to spread anthrax. Shrapnel from the bombs infected people with the disease. Sheldon Harris, a historian at California State University at Northridge, estimates that more than two hundred thousand people were killed by Japan’s biological weapons. Biological Weapons Research in Great Britain The Allies—France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States—did not use biological weapons during World War II but did continue to research them.

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