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By Alan Hecht

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A advisor to antidepressant and antianxiety medicinal drugs, together with their heritage, right use, unintended effects, abuse, and extra.

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It is more commonly seen in war veterans, survivors of a catastrophic event such as the World Trade Center disaster, victims of accidents, sexual abuse, earthquakes, and any other threatening event. This form of anxiety presents its symptoms in one of three categories. The first is re-experiencing symptoms. Here, the individual can have bad dreams, frightening thoughts, and/or flashbacks, which are the repeated reliving of the particular trauma that caused the PTSD. During a flashback, the person will also experience the physical symptoms that occurred during the trauma such as sweating, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, and any other responses that originally took place.

A detailed explanation of the different categories of drugs used and medications within these categories will be covered in chapter 4. In addition to medical treatments, many patients will undergo psychotherapy with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or clinical social worker. In most cases, these patients will continue to take prescribed medications while receiving the psychotherapy. This combination is often much more effective than either mode of treatment alone. Social Phobia Another form of anxiety that affects people is social phobia (also known as social anxiety).

In addition, the technique has been used successfully to eliminate dysfunctional habits and personality traits such as smoking, overeating, loss of self-confidence, and even anxiety. Emergency Care of the Depressed Patient When an individual experiences a serious depressive episode, time is of the essence in providing emergency treatment to help the patient avoid attempting suicide and to improve the patient’s mood to the point where he or she is able to function reasonably normally. 4 In addition, when a patient presents with drug or alcohol abuse or overdose, or a self-inflicted injury, the individual must be screened for major depression and suicidality.

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