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Basic Components Chillers The chiller is sized to meet the design load of the building or process. For building loads, the chiller only operates at full capacity for a few percent of the time. The balance of the time the chiller is operating in the 50 to 60% range (depending on the building load profile). Most chillers provide their most efficient performance at or near full load. Single chiller plant design does not promote optimal use of the chiller’s performance. An exception to this is the McQuay Dual Compressor chiller, which operates at its most efficient point at 50% capacity.

The advantage is should a pump fail, the chiller can still be used by activating one of the other pumps. A spare pump can also be built into the arrangement. The disadvantage to headered primary pumps is complexity and cost. If the chillers have different flow requirements (meaning they are different sizes) then intermixing pumps becomes even more complicated. It can be done using VFDs on the pumps. The BAS can be preprogrammed with the appropriate pump speed required to deliver the correct flow to each chiller.

The hot gaseous refrigerant is condensed by water flowing over the condenser tubes and evaporating. This ties the condensing temperature to ambient wetbulb like a water-cooled chiller. , are all integral to the chiller. Whereas a water☺Tip: Evaporatively -cooled chillers are not just for hot, dry cooled chiller will require a climates, should be considered wherever water-cooled chillers cooling tower, condenser pump make sense. and field erected piping, the evaporatively-cooled chilled comes as a complete package from the factory.

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