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9 prime students of historic philosophy from Europe, the united kingdom, and North the United States supply a scientific research of e-book Beta of Aristotle's Metaphysics. The paintings takes the shape of a chain of aporiai or "difficulties" which Aristotle offers as worthy issues of engagement when you desire to reach knowledge. the subjects contain causation, substance, structure, houses, predicates, and usually the ontology of either the perishable and the imperishable global. each one contributor discusses one or of those aporiai in series: the result's a discursive observation in this seminal textual content of Western philosophy.

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See also above, Introduction p. 22 f. 45 An interpretation against which Aubenque 1980 rightly reacts. 46 ÔÆFôÆ ôa Kí ôfiH ´ MðïæÅìÝíÆ, Kî Kíäüîøí ôaò KðØååØæÞóåØò ŠåïíôÆ ŒÆd ŒÆôa ôe ðØŁÆíüí: ŒÆd ªaæ ïPäb ïx üí ôå åNò ôa IíôØŒåßìåíÆ KðØååØæFíôÆò ìc ºïªØŒÆEò KðØååØæÞóåóØ åæÞóÆóŁÆØ: ïPäb ªaæ ií ºýåóŁÆØ äýíÆØíôï, åN ìc år ååí ïoôøò. 47 Aubenque 1980, 15–17 and his more general 2003 article, which revolves on a kind of aporia that he calls ‘essential’ (see esp. p. ). 48 So for example at 999a24 f. (#8).

In some sense, the distinction between the approach developed in the Physics and the underspecified knowledge Aristotle is now after consists precisely in the fact that the latter has as its point of departure a set of problems (the impasses) that are not considered by the former (hence, at the end of ` 10, the broadening in the transitional clause ‘but let’s go back to whatever puzzles might arise about these very topics’). They have, however, another, more procedural function, which is also alluded to in the last sentence of ` 10 (‘for perhaps from these [puzzles] we might make some advance in connection with the later puzzles’).

The ªÜæ clause which follows would then give, by way of a parenthesis, a justification for the metaphor, while the consequence of the strong interpretation of the ¼ººÆ clause would be drawn in what I have isolated as Segment 4. It seems to me, however, that the flow of the sentence which results from the articulation of the particles does not favour this reading.

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