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ETAPS2000wasthe 3rd instanceofthe EuropeanJointConferenceson thought and perform of software program. ETAPS is an annual federated convention that used to be demonstrated in 1998 by means of combining a couple of present and new meetings. This yr it comprised v e meetings (FOSSACS, FASE, ESOP, CC, TACAS), ve satellite tv for pc workshops (CBS, CMCS, CoFI, GRATRA, INT), seven invited lectures, a panel dialogue, and ten tutorials.

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Книга предназначена как для начинающих пользователей, так и для специалистов, а также будет полезна всем владельцам мобильных телефонов, поскольку позволит им подробнее ознакомиться с дополнительными возможностями аппаратуры и использовать их в повседневной жизни. В предлагаемой книге рассматриваются вопросы использования дополнительных возможностей мобильных телефонов при помощи вполне легальных средств.

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Other wires will lead from the outside towers to the spark plugs. The wires themselves are very small, only a few strands of very fine wire. The insulation is very thick to prevent the highvoltage current, traveling through the wire, from arcing to ground before it gets to the spark plug. Other type cables may use a carbon saturated string, instead of a wire, as a conductor. The main reason for this is to cut down on noise that can be picked up by radio. On waterproof ignition systems, the hightension cable will be inside of a waterproof tube.

51 Lesson3/Learning Event 1 FIGURE 22. IGNITION COIL CONSTRUCTION. Now let's study the construction of the coil. The illustration shows a coil that has been cut away to show the primary winding, secondary winding, soft iron core, and the terminals for the windings. The primary winding is the large wire, and the secondary winding is the small wire. 005 of an inch. With such a small wire, we can have thousands of turns of wire in the secondary winding in a small space. One end of the secondary winding is connected to the high-tension lead of the secondary terminal on top of the coil, while the other end is usually connected to one end of the primary winding, although it may be grounded to the metal can that surrounds the coils and the core.

It is interesting because it must build up the vehicle's battery voltage from about 24 volts or less to as much as 25,000 or 30,000 volts, and it must do this many times per second. It is troublesome because so many things can and do go wrong in the system. To give you some idea about how fast the ignition system builds up the battery voltage to as much as 30,000 volts at the spark plug, let us take a six-cylinder engine turning at 4,000 RPM and see what the ignition system is doing. As you know, in a fourstroke cycle engine, one-half of the cylinders fire during each revolution of the crankshaft.

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