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Aimed toward upper-level undergraduate and graduate scholars, this article is composed of two elements: the 1st covers natural set conception, and the second one offers with purposes and complex issues (point set topology, actual areas, Boolean algebras, endless combinatorics and big cardinals). beneficial appendix; a number of routines. 1979 version. contains 20 figures.

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Lemma 63. The matrix algebra A is reducible and dim*4 < n 2 /2. One has B = A + GA + AG + GAG + GAGA + AG AG + ••• (*). Indeed, every product of the matrices M\ —I and M2 — I (in any order and quantity) is representable as a linear combination of such products of the matrices JVi — / , N2-I,G + H and G, see (13), (14) and (15). On the other hand, one has AG C A. Indeed, denote by Y a product of the matrices N\ — I, N2 — I, G + H (in any quantity and order). If its right most factor is Ni - I or G + H, then by (15) one has YG = 0.

Indeed, its dimension is computed like the one of U, by replacing the cartesian product C\ x C2 by its subvariety on which one has dim(Ker (Mj —7)nlm (M2-J — I)) > 0 for j — 1, 2. This subvariety is of positive codimension. Hence, the condition dim(Ker (Mj - I) C\ Im (M2-j - I)) > 0 for j = 1, 2 cannot hold for all points from U. Condition ii) follows from statement i). D Proof of Corollary 62: 1°. One has dimKer(A/i - I) = dim Ker (M 2 - I) = n / 3 . Condition ii) of Lemma61 implies that dim(Im (Mi —7)nIm(M2 —/)) = n/3; recall that Ker (Mj - I) c Im (Mj - I), j = 1, 2.

As usual, a function / 6 £} (S) is said to be a CR function on S if it satisfies / fdv = o Js for all differential forms V of bidegree (n,n — 2) with coefficients of class C°°(D) and a compact support in D. * SUPPORTED BY RFFI. GRANT 99-01-00790 •SUPPORTED BY RFFI, GRANT 00-15-96140 46 T h e o r e m 1 ( A n d r e o t t i , Hill, C h i r k a ) . For any CR function f G Cl (S), there are functions h^ holomorphic in D±, respectively, such, that f = h+-h- on S. ) More precisely, the equality (1) is interpreted, as follows: 1) if S e Ck+l.

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