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By Peter Chamberlain, N. W. Duncan

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Deaggregation analysis of PSHA results was performed to identify the controlling earthquake for the site and a set of 7 spectrum-compatible accelerograms recorded on rocky sites were finally selected as inputs for site response analyses [6]. Throughout the years three main geotechnical investigation campaigns were carried out at the site. The first one, in 1976, consisted of borehole drilling, laboratory testing of the soil samples and survey of the foundation geometry. In 2004 a new site investigation campaign was carried out.

9 shows the comparison between the mean spectrum and the mean ± 1 standard deviation obtained from over 1,000 simulations and the UHS for the 475 years return period. 2 g. As described for the case study of Kancheepuram, a set of 7 records can be selected by imposing compatibility with the mean spectrum from the stochastic site response analysis. 10 shows the comparison for the Vicoforte site between the mean spectrum from Monte Carlo simulations and the mean spectrum of the set of selected records.

5 2 2 Some Examples of 1D, Fully Stochastic Site Response Analyses of Soil Deposits a) b) 6 Mean spectrum of simulations Mean spectrum of selected set 5 10 Sa [m/s2] Sa [m/s2] Set of 7 records Mean acc. 5 2 Period [sec] Fig. 5 Concluding Remarks Site response analyses at a given site is often characterized by large variability due to different seismic inputs and for a given input (predictions) due to uncertainty in subsoil modelling and geotechnical parameters. Single deterministic site response analyses are inadequate to handle this problem.

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