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By Reiner Schurmann & Reiner Sch Rmann & Reginald Lilly

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.."". a publication of remarkable originality and intensity, an excellent and relatively new interpretation of the character and historical past of philosophy."" --John Sallis

In damaged Hegemonies, the past due amazing thinker Reiner Schurmann bargains an intensive rethinking of the heritage of Western philosophy from the Greeks via Heidegger. Schurmann translates the background of Western notion and motion as a sequence of eras ruled via the increase and fall of convinced dominating philosophical rules that contained the seeds in their personal destruction. those eras coincided with their dominant languages: Greek, Latin, and vernacular tongues. studying philosophical texts from Parmenides, Plotinus, and Cicero, via Augustine, Meister Eckhardt, and Kant, to Heidegger, Schurmann strains the arguments in which those principles won hegemony and in which their credibility used to be eventually demolished. spotting the failure of final norms, damaged Hegemonies questions how humanity this present day is to imagine and act within the absence of principles.

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And what law could be stronger for a father than the law of preserving his childʼs life? ” General Introduction 27 A rhetorical question, for woe unto the father who denies his family ties in the name of public duties, and woe unto an army commander who denies his political ties in the name of blood relations. How is one not to hide oneʼs face in the face of such a nomic conflict. Finally, Agamemnon finds himself placed at the intersection of two very old transgressions. The hubris experienced in the abduction of Helen strikes his polis; the hubris presented in the deed of the ancestor, Atrea, who had killed her own son, strikes his oikos.

The painter conveys the very veil of denial. Tragedy always maps out something like a sweep of the eyes. The hero sees the conflicting laws, and—at the moment of tragic denial—then blinds himself toward one of them, fi xing his gaze on the other. Cities and armies have lived, and live, thanks to a commanderʼs blindness. Then an eye-opening catastrophe ensues, the moment of tragic truth. The vision of the double bind catches the eye (it literally bursts the 28 VOLUME ONE eyes of Oedipus and those of Tiresias, though in a different way) and singularizes the hero to the point that the city no longer has a place for him.

The occurrent difference between a given phenomenal economy and the singularization that is to come in it—this difference, which is no longer uniformly normative, will have to be liberated from under the figures of the normative difference where the color of the singular blends into the gray of the par ticular. The functionaries of humanity are responsible for a rigorous reflection leading to a clear view of what we have always, though vaguely, understood. Granted, but there are also a great many ways of being rigorous, though few of any consequence, that are known to us all.

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