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By Richard S. Lee

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These titles for reluctant readers spotlight the potential outcomes of drug use, together with the hazards of dependancy, harm to brain and physique, and elevated chance of violent behavior.

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Carbon monoxide is one poisonous gas. Hydrogen cyanide is another. All gases and chemicals condense out of the smoke to form a brown goo called tar. Tar does serious damage. Tar is a carcinogen, a substance that causes cancer. When you use tobacco, the nicotine and tar reduce the oxygen entering your blood. Oxygen is absorbed into the blood by 300 million air sacs, called alveoli, that are in your lungs. Your heart then pumps oxygenrich blood to your body through the arteries and blood vessels.

If you drink caffeinated sodas, teas, or coffee, or eat chocolate, be careful to moderate the amount of caffeine per day. If you begin to feel withdrawal symptoms, you may need to cut back. Set limits for yourself and stay with them. Switch to caffeinefree sodas. Keep away from stay-awake pills! You are surrounded by images that promote smoking. Popular stars are often shown smoking in magazines, on TV, and in films. Movies may make smoking look romantic, cool, and macho. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton has criticized < previous page page_53 next page > < previous page page_54 next page > Page 54 Keeping active helps ensure your body's health.

They have longer stays in hospitals. · Stroke. Smoking doubles the risk of this form of paralysis. < previous page page_46 next page > < previous page page_47 next page > Page 47 · Tooth loss. People who chew tobacco are more likely to lose teeth. What About Secondhand Smoke? Cigarette smoke can even harm the nonsmokers who breathe it. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that so-called secondhand smoke is very harmful to children who live with smokers. Every year it causes 150,000 to 300,000 cases of breathing infections in babies.

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