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By Marvin L. Deviney and John L. Gland (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841209375

ISBN-13: 9780841209374

ISBN-10: 0841211205

ISBN-13: 9780841211209

content material: Arsenic poisoning of hydrodesulfurization catalysts / Ruth N. Merryfield, Lloyd E. Gardner, and George D. Parks --
A pilot plant reactor-surface research approach for catalyst reviews / T.H. Fleisch --
Correlation among spectroscopic measurements and catalytic habit of selective oxidation catalysts / J.F. Brazdil, M. Mehicic, L.C. Glaeser, M.A.S. Hazle, and R.K. Grasselli --
software of floor research recommendations within the learn of catalyst structures / D.D. Hawn, R.C. Cieslinski, and H.E. Klassen --
Valence country of rhenium in lowered bimetallic catalysts with and with out alkali metals / Sayra R. Adkins and Burtron H. Davis --
Frequency reaction chemisorption reports of carbon monoxide hydrogenation catalysts / J.G. Goodwin, Jr., J.E. Lester, G. Marcelin, and S.F. Mitchell --
Spectroscopy of metal-titanium dioxide structures / Y.-M. sunlight, D.N. Belton, and J.M. White --
Isotopic tracers in catalysis : aromatics from n-paraffins over Te-NaX zeolite / Joe W. Hightower and Geoffrey L. expense --
Titanium dioxide single-crystal and powder surfaces within the presence and lack of platinum : an auger electron spectroscopic and electron-stimulated desorption research / M.A. Vannice, P. Odier, M. Bujor, and J.J. Fripiat --
Clusters : molecular surfaces / A. Kaldor, D.M. Cox, D.J. Trevor, and R.L. Whetten --
Iron Fischer-Tropsch catalysts : floor synthesis at excessive strain / D.J. Dwyer --
Low-energy ion-scattering spectroscopy : functions to catalysts / James C. Carver, S. Mark Davis, and Duane A. Goetsch --
X-ray photoelectron and X-ray absorption spectroscopic characterization of cobalt catalysts : relief and sulfidation habit / D.G. Castner and P.R. Watson --
reviews of the kinetics and mechanisms of ammonia synthesis and hydrodesulfurization on steel single-crystal surfaces / A.J. Gellman, M. Asscher, and G.A. Somorjai --
Oxygen interactions and reactions on palladium(100) : coadsorption reviews with C2H4, H2O, and CH3OH / E.M. Stuve, S.W. Jorgensen, and R.J. Madix --
floor reactions on fresh platinum and rhodium at high and low pressures / L.D. Schmidt, D. Hasenberg, S. Schwartz, and G.A. Papapolymerou --
Hydrocarbon synthesis and rearrangement over fresh and chemically transformed surfaces / C.H.F. Peden and D.W. Goodman --
Molecular adsorption and decomposition on fresh and sulfur-modified steel surfaces / R.J. Koestner, E.B. Kollin, J. Stöhr, and J.L. Gland --
Selective epoxidation of ethylene catalyzed through silver : mechanistic info printed by way of single-crystal reviews / Charles T. Campbell --
floor constitution and response dynamics in catalysis / ok. Christmann and G. Ertl --
Laser-induced thermal desorption with Fourier rework mass spectrometric detection / M.G. Sherman, J.R. Kingsley, R.T. McIver, Jr., and J.C. Hemminger --
constitution of bimetallic catalysts : program of prolonged X-ray absorption fantastic constitution stories / J.H. Sinfelt, G.H. through, G. Meitzner, and F.W. Lytle --
floor chemistry and catalysis on a few platinum-bimetallic catalysts / V. Ponec --
decision of the atomic and digital constitution of platinum catalysts by way of X-ray absorption spectroscopy / F.W. Lytle, R.B. Greegor, E.C. Marques, V.A. Biebesheimer, D.R. Sandstrom, J.A. Horsley, G.H. through, and J.H. Sinfelt --
The influence of support-metal precursor interactions at the floor composition of supported bimetallic clusters / H. Miura, S.S. Feng, R. Saymeh, and R.D. Gonzalez --
floor characterization and methanation job of catalysts derived from binary and ternary intermetallics / M. Houalla, T.A. Dang, E.L. Eddy, C.L. Kibby, L. Petrakis, and D.M. Hercules --
Secondary ion mass spectroscopic reviews of adsorption and response at steel surfaces : correlations with different surface-sensitive concepts / C.R. Brundle, R.J. Behm, P. Alnot, J. Grimblot, G. Polzonetti, H. Hopster, and okay. Wandelt --
Electron microscopy and diffraction suggestions for the research of small debris / J.M. Cowley --
Atomic imaging of particle surfaces / L.D. Marks and David J. Smith --
Microanalysis of a copper-zinc oxide methanol synthesis catalyst precursor / P.B. Himelfarb, G.W. Simmons, ok. Klier, and M. José-Yacamán --
Characterization of catalysts through analytical electron microscopy / C.E. Lyman --
Multitechnique characterization of supported metals / William Targos --
Diffraction from supported steel catalysts / J.B. Cohen, P. Georgopoulos, J.B. Butt, and R.L. Burwell, Jr. --
Vibrational research of adsorbed molecules / H. Ibach and J.E. Müller --
IR spectroscopic characterization of adsorbed species and approaches on surfaces / John T. Yates, Jr., Patrick Gelin, and Thomas Beebe --
automated IR reports of cobalt-molybdenum-aluminum oxide hydrodesulfurization catalysts / J.B. Peri --
Fourier remodel IR reviews of floor adsorbates and surface-mediated reactions / David D. Saperstein and William G. Golden --
IR photoacoustic spectroscopy of silica and aluminum oxide / J.B. Benziger, S.J. McGovern, and B.S.H. Royce --
Carbon monoxide oxidation on platinum : assurance dependence of the product inner strength / D.A. Mantell, ok. Kunimori, S.B. Ryali, and Gary L. Haller --
The position of intercalates in heterogeneous catalysis / William Jones, John M. Thomas, D. Tilak B. Tennakoon, Robert Schlogl, and Paul Diddams --
Dynamics of benzene in X-type zeolites / Dennis L. Hasha, Virginia W. Miner, Juan M. Garcés, and Stephen C. Rocke --
Magnetic and mössbauer characterization of iron-zeolite and iron and/or ruthenium on doped-carbon catalysts / L.N. Mulay and Thomas Pannaparayil --
Characterization of supported iron oxide debris utilizing Mössbauer spectroscopy and magnetic susceptibility / J. Phillips, Y. Chen, and J.A. Dumesic --
In situ spectroscopic experiences of oxygen electrocatalysts related to transition steel macrocycles / Ernest Yeager, Daniel A. Scherson, and Cristian A. Fierro --
IR spectroscopy as an in situ explore for molecular constitution in electrocatalytic and similar reactions / Alan Bewick and Maher Kalaji --
floor spectroscopy of platinum-cadmium sulfide-perfluorosulfonate polymer structures / N. Kakuta, J.M. White, A. Campion, A.J. Bard, M.A. Fox, S.E. Webber, and M. Finlayson --
New catalysts and new electrolytes for acid gas cells / P.N. Ross and A.J. Appleby --
Carbonaceous surfaces : amendment, characterization, and makes use of for electrocatalysis / Dale H. Karweik, Ing-Feng Hu, Sue Weng, and Theodore Kuwana.

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8 eV b i n d i n g energy. A g a i n Mo(IV) i s o b s e r v e d , b u t no molybdates were observed. 20, r e s p e c t i v e l y . Extended times ( t o 9 h o u r s ) d i d n o t g r e a t l y a f f e c t t h e s e r a t i o s . P a t t e r s o n and co­ workers ( 4) observed s i m i l a r b e h a v i o r f o r a s u p p o r t e d molybdenum c a t a l y s t , i n w h i c h case l i t t l e f u r t h e r r e d u c t i o n o f Mo(VI) t o Mo was observed a f t e r 7 hours i n hydrogen. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1985.

D. Hawn, R. C. Klassen Analytical Laboratories, The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI 48667 The application o (XPS) and Auger Electro solution of complex real world catalyst problems is often difficult and frustrating. Three recent developments in this laboratory have greatly aided in the solution of such problems. These are 1) a dual anode x-ray source using a silicon target, 2) an off-axis, low cost reaction facility for carrying out simple preparative treatments, and 3) installation of a dedicated high-performance Scanning Auger Microprobe (SAM) system.

8. ; Sleight, A. ; McClellan, W. ; Weiher, J. , 1976, B32, 1163. 9. Krenzke, L. ; Keulks, G. ; J. , 1980, 64, 295. 10. ; J . Chem. , Faraday Trans. 1, 1982, 78, 495. 11. Machiels, C. ; Sleight, A. ; Proc. 4th Int. Conf. on the Chemistry and Uses of Molybdenum; 1982; 411. 12. ; J. , 1980, 63, 152. 13. Teller, R. ; Brazdil, J. ; Grasselli, R. , in press. 14. Verkerk, M. ; Hammink, M. W. ; Burggraaf, A. ; J. Electrochem. , 1983, 130, 70. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1985.

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